Cooperative European Medicines Development Course is a multinational university consortium for training experts in pharmaceutical medicine.

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Academic and industrial experts active in the participating countries cooperate in the consortium to provide jointly training in medicine development science for students working in the region. Due to its international organization and its embedding into the PharmaTrain cooperation, CEMDC can provide high level harmonized training cost-effectively and can guarantee broad international acceptance of the degree it issues. Learn more about CEMDC ...


The course is built of two segments each subdivided into 6 modules delivered in one year. The Diploma Base Course providing a complete overview of all relevant topics listed in the PhT Syllabus is finished by an integrated assessment and provides a Diploma in Medicines Development. Further freely selected Elective Modules and defending a thesis leads to a Master Level Diploma. The 3rd CEMDC course starts in Central-Eastern Europe early 2015. Learn more ...

PharmaTrain Federation

The PharmaTrain Federation is a non-profit association based on public-private partnership. All participating centers teach the PharmaTrain harmonized program of medicines development. CEMDC is a university network of the Central East-European and Mediterranean regions. It is a member of the Federation and is accredited as a Center of Excellence by Pharma Train. The network is coordinated by the Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary.

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